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about us . . .

The idea for the Moraga Garden Club was germinated by several transplanted women around a kitchen table in 1970.


A non-profit organization, MGC has been a resource for all levels of garden enthusiasts ever since. Our focus is to create and maintain visual beauty throughout Moraga, to contribute to civic participation and conservation, and education.


This year, recognizing the serious and rapid decline of Monarch butterflies, the Moraga Garden Club has spearheaded a new and important project:  Moraga for Monarchs

Working in tandem with and approved by the Town, the project is estimated to cost $35,000.  We are thankful for the support of donors, business affiliates and volunteers. We are excited and shovel ready now.

In addition,  MGC takes care of various areas of  Town i.e. sections of the Commons, the Perennial Garden at the Hacienda de la Flores, a large triangle intersecting Rheem Blvd and Moraga Rd, the Library urn and four others on Country Club Dr. We also provide monthly floral arrangements to the Library and decorate their Christmas Critter tree with handmade ornaments. In addition, we contribute to reforestation and Arbor Day.


Our monthly general meetings feature prominent speakers who are experts in gardening, flower arranging, composting, organic and edible landscaping, authors, photographers and more, Our themed Spring Luncheon fundraiser brings out the best in creativity and our Christmas Luncheon at Diablo Country Club— featuring a prominent floral designer—is always a super hit.

We promote and support the Moraga Garden Center,  McDonnell and Orchard Nurseries.

General Meetings are held every third Thursday of the month excepting summer at the Holy Trinity Cultural Center on 1700 School Street at 9:30.  They are free and open to the Public.

For further information contact the webmaster Linda Foley

Moraga Garden Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations are tax deductible.  Our federal tax identification number is 86-1162099.  The mailing address is PO Box 6062, Moraga, CA 94570-6062.


See what we do. . .

Restoring historic urns in 2020: 

Chair Julie Stagg, assisted by Master Gardener Jessica Fleming, Rena Munson, Jane Magnani, Penny Walwark and Town personnel

CC Urns.jpeg

Developing a Perennial Garden at the historic Hacienda de las Flores—an ongoing project:

Team: Chair Rena Munson, Ute Kelley and Gisela Volkmer and Barbara Chow (not shown)


Redesigning a large central intersection in Town in 2020, a continuing project:

in conjunction with Kiwanis and support of the Town. Chairs: Darlene Haffner and Jessica Fleming

P1240958 2.jpeg

Our new project for 2021

Moraga for Monarchs

For details and how you can be a contributor:

Click the Butterfly


September 17          Cynthia Brian, the Goddess Gardener

                              Tips, Tricks and Tonics

October 15              Dave Winnaker, Fire Chief

                               Fire Prevention


November 19          Shawn Anderson, Orchard Nursery

                              Container Planting

December 10           Laurel Ann Winzler, Laurel Designs

Christmas Luncheon  Home for the Holidays

January 21              Pete Chergal, Aesthetic Pruner and Arborist

                              Pruning of Japanese Maples & Wisteria

February 18             Terry Smith and Tora Rocha

                              Founders of Pollinator Posse

March 18                Deborah Dietz, Dahlia Society of California

                              Fall About Dahlias

April 15                  Darwin Harrison, Floral Florist

Salad Luncheon          A Time for New Beginnings

May 20                   Garden Tour (virtual) 

                              Installation of New Officers

2020-21 Programs


Executive Board 2020-21

President                           Penny Walwark


1st VPs Programs                Karin Biasotti, Lorraine Bowen

2nd VPs Hospitality             Jan Wiggins, Tracey Silva,

                                        Lucille Zammitti                 


3rd VP Membership            Jane Magnani, Ute Kelley

                                        Barbara Chow

Treasurer                           Jessica Fleming

Recording Secretary            Janice Lieu

Corresponding Secretary     Marcia Fisherkeller                      

Parliamentarian                  Roberta Klaproth

Social Media/Publicity        Linda U. Foley



Committee Chairs & Beautification Projects

Gardeners Market Place

Christmas Luncheon

Garden Study

Hacienda Perennial Garden


Newsletter Editor

Newsletter Mailing

Plant Pick-up


Salad Luncheon

Library Interior

Library Urn

Holy Trinity Ctr.

Moraga Commons

Urns on Country Club Dr

Rheem Triangle

Moraga Liaison

Moraga for Monarchs

Martina Alexander, Sharon Galliani

Hollace Gertmenian, Meridel Moulton

Rena Munson, Mardi Potts

Rena Munson, Ute Kelley, Gisela Volkmer

Cheri Rohrer

Marilyn Smith

Connie Couts

Judy Klopstock, Jan Trzesniewski

Linda U. Foley

Lorraine Bowen, Kerri Sayles

Joan Webb

Carolyn Westhoff

Sue Hanes

Connie Couts, Arun Saha

Julie Stagg

Darlene Haffner, Jessica Fleming

Nancy Comprelli

Bobbie Preston, Julie Stagg

How to Join


To join, fill out a form provided at the General Meeting or ask to have one sent to you.


Dues are $45 annually. You will receive a roster and an electronic Newsletter.



Contact Membership Chair:

Jane Magnani 925-283-4563.

You are welcome to be our guest twice at any one of our General Meetings, but expect you to join thereafter.

Barring the current Covid restrictions, we usually meet every third Thursday of the month, at the Holy Trinity Cultural Center at 1700 School St. in Moraga. 

We begin at 9:30 with refreshments.

Each Meeting features a speaker of note. The Meeting is free and open to the Public.

The Programs for the year are listed separately on this site.

We operate September through June, culminating with a tour of three of our members gardens and box luncheon.

Our Garden Study group meets throughout the year at a member's home. It is an informal, informative meeting of dirt gardeners who exchange information, success and failures and enjoy some very good refreshments.

We engage in civic beautification of several areas in Moraga, including Rheem Triangle, and specific beds at the Commons, Library, and Hacienda La Flores. Our newest Project is to build a Habitat and Teaching Garden for Monarchs.

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Moraga Garden Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations welcome and are tax deductible.  Our federal tax identification number is 86-1162099.  The mailing address is PO Box 6062, Moraga, CA 94570-6062.