• Linda U. Foley

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In Northern California we are still enjoying hot days; hard to believe that this is Fall.

Still, our gardens are telling us that it is time to be tough with our spent vegetable plants and drooping flowers. It is time to get down and dirty and 'clean house'.

Tomatoes and cucumbers were in abundance this year. Their parched leaves and stalks are ready to be removed, chopped up and added to the compost heap.

The nurseries are chockfull with winter vegetables. I planted kohlrabi, butter lettuce, carrots, garlic and beets. To avoid harvesting onslaught, stagger your plantings.

The secret to a successful vegetable garden is not a secret at all. It's as simple as good soil, steady watering, good drainage and sun. How do I know? This Garden Mistress told me so.

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  • Linda U. Foley

What did you do with your fruity summer harvests?

I have a stash of 'canned' nectarines, nectarine and plum compotes, and apple sauce. (I really don't like the sound of 'canned' 'preserved' sounds more 'edible'.)

The fruits were so sweet, there was no need to add anything at all - except perhaps a cinnamon stick.

All of these are fabulous just by themselves as a sweet treat or added to cottage cheese, blintzes, crepes, ice cream, pancakes. My favorite is a bowl of ricotta with any of these fruits and a helping of sugared, toasted almonds. A dash of whipped cream is the height of culinary delight.