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California’s iconic monarch butterflies are vanishing from our countryside and gardens. There has been more than a 99% decrease in the western monarch butterfly population in California compared to the 1980s, with fewer than 2000 monarchs spotted in usual overwintering sites. While the Western monarch population improved in 2021, it is not clear this trend will continue.

Moraga for Monarchs is a project of Moraga Garden Club to bring bck the Monarchs to Moraga.


The ultimate vision is to have Moraga and local hillsides infused with milkweed and native wildflowers to revitalize the Monarch population. To achieve our project goal, we have built a 2600 sq. ft. garden at Rancho Laguna Park, combining native milkweed (for the monarch caterpillars) and native fire-safe, deer-tolernat flowering plants for adult monarchs, providing nectar from the first flush of Spring through to the mellow colors of Fall.

The Garden features beautiful artwork by local artists, surrounding benches, a solar-powered fountain, state-of-the-art precise irrigation and extensive plant identification signage.


Docent tours for groups are available. Volunteers to help maintain the Garden are welcome!

Your support will provide funding to:


  • Maintain this beautiful 2600 sq. ft. monarch-specific garden.

  • Educate our community to encourage the appropriate environment for monarchs.

  • Provide citizens with access to plants to support monarch-friendly private landscaping.

  • Plant hillsides with nectar-rich, native wildflowers and milkweeds, benefitting many of our pollinators as well as monarchs.

  • Involve our children in conserving their natural heritage.


This is a true community effort in partnerships with the Town of Moraga, Moraga Parks Foundation, local schools, College and businesses, service organizations and wildlife experts. Together, we can bring back the monarchs for future generations.

For more information about the Monarch Garden project and how-to sheets, click on the photos below.

See the Project
Nectar Plants
Milkweed Gardening

Building your own habitat 

The plants at Rancho Laguna

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Email for more Information or to Volunteer:

Mailing address: P.O. Box 6062, Moraga, CA 94570-6062

Moraga Garden Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations are tax deductible. 

Our federal tax identification number is 86-1162099.